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Writing Coach Services


If you’re like me, your book is your calling, your burden, your heart, your purpose, your offering, your legacy.

You’re focused on your book today, because it’s what you will offer the world tomorrow. One day, it will be what you leave behind.

            I understand. That call, that burden, and that legacy are what compel you to make your work as good as it can possibly be.

          Mediocre isn’t good enough. Above-average isn’t good enough.

            You want to write a book readers won’t forget. Years from now, you want the humor to bring a smile or the characters to come to mind. You want the truths presented to resonate deep.

           I love helping authors refine their story or hone their message, so they can present their work with new confidence.

              If you’re ready, I’d love the opportunity to come alongside you. I’d love to help your book become the best it can be, by helping you become the best writer YOU can be.

              Let me share with you my best advice based on over twenty-five years of experience writing, editing, and critiquing. I have worked with writers at conferences and in critique groups. I have worked on books contracted with such publishers as Revell, Abingdon Press, and B & H Publishing Group. Whether your dream is to self-publish or to reach for that elusive, traditional contract complete with a fabulous advance, I would count it a privilege and honor to help you achieve that goal.

Shellie Arnold amazed me with how quickly she perceived ways to improve our writing in critique classes at the Florida Christian Writer's Conference. Like a skilled physician, she immediately diagnosed problems in our work and prescribed treatments to cure them. Her insightful suggestions and her encouragement helped me to complete and publish my book on grief. She helped me so much I took her class the next year.

—  Rev.  Samuel L. Wright, PhD

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