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Shellie Arnold amazed me with how quickly she perceived ways to improve our writing in critique classes at the Florida Christian Writer's Conference. Like a skilled physician, she immediately diagnosed problems in our work and prescribed treatments to cure them. Her insightful suggestions and her encouragement helped me to complete and publish my book on grief. She helped me so much I took her class the next year. – Rev.  Samuel L. Wright, PhD

If you’re like me, your book is your calling, your burden, your heart, your purpose, your offering, your legacy.

It’s what you work on today, what you will offer the world tomorrow—and one day—what you will leave behind.

            I get it.

And I know it’s that call, that burden, that legacy, which compels you to make your story as good as it can possibly be.

          Mediocre isn’t good enough. Above-average isn’t good enough.

            What you’re reaching for, is to produce a work which so speaks to your reader it won’t be forgotten after the reading is over. Even after long years, you want the humor to still bring a smile. The characters to still come to mind.

            The truths presented to resonate deep.

           I love helping authors hone their story, hone their message, so they can refine their work and present it with new confidence.

              If you’re ready, I’d love the opportunity to come alongside you. I’d love to help  your story become the best it can be, by helping you become the best writer YOU can be.

              Let me share with you my best advice based on over twenty-five years of experience writing, editing, and critiquing—both in groups, and on books contracted with such publishers as Revell, Abingdon Press, and B & H Publishing Group. Whether your dream is to self-publish or to reach for that elusive, traditional contract complete with a fabulous advance, I would count it a privilege and honor to help you achieve that goal.

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Shellie is a bright spot in the dark and lonely world of writing. She is an encourager and genuinely wants writers to succeed. She tells me specifically what I do well, and doesn’t shrink away from calling out my weaknesses. She explains writing concepts I don’t already know. Her feedback is specific and includes examples. She speaks boldly, but gently. I always feel she is on my side no matter if she is pointing out a paragraph I wrote well, or one that is dreadful. She has a special gift for the big picture and flow of a manuscript. Not only did my manuscript improve, but she taught me writing concepts and most of all, increased my confidence as a writer. Let her do the same for you!" – Sarah Rixon

I have been incredibly encouraged and helped by Shellie Arnold in developing my writing skills. Her ability to critique with grace helped me not only improve my writing style, but gave me confidence in what I am able to do. She's personable, kind and knows what she's doing. – Dayle Rogers

I sat under the creative coaching and critique of Shellie Arnold at the Florida Christian Writers Conference in 2017. She was amazing. She quickly found my writing voice and creatively coached me through every document, providing good counsel and creative ideas in how to bring my words to life. She is gifted in generating new thoughts and creative ways to strengthen weak areas. Shellie Arnold is a valuable resource in the writing world. – JoAnne Meckstroth 

As I wrote my debut novel, Night to Knight, I received valuable advice from Shellie concerning several scenes. Her critiques of my work earned a position—WWSW? What would Shellie Write? I say that seriously. I have a few people I consider when writing to my highest level. Shellie has made and continues to make an impact on my career. I can’t thank her enough. – Randy Tramp

Shellie Arnold is a new writer’s best friend. She possesses unlimited patience and a fierce desire to help writers find their voice and the stories they must tell. Filled with a deep respect for her clients, she takes the time to get to know them as a person and a writer. Shellie never stops searching for the best writing techniques, educating herself on the best methods to help authors overcome their weaknesses and build on their strengths. She will become the most trusted voice in your writer’s network and the loudest cheerleader for your successes.

Donna Mumma

I endorse Ms Shellie Arnold. Her writing talent, editing and critiques moved Demimonde, the book I'm currently writing, closer to completion and publication. More importantly, as coach and encourager, she has motivated me and been an accountability partner. Shellie is what you need in a writing coach. – James Cressler

Shellie's keen editing eye has helped significantly improve my writing. She's been able to suggest refinements not offered by my regular critique groups. Shellie also has a remarkable ability to help writers recognize their strengths (a welcome accompaniment to the pain of the red pen). Finding a competent editing coach isn't a problem. Finding someone who can combine honest feedback with sincere encouragement? Now that's a challenge. As a writing coach, Shellie delivers the best of both. – Terry Murphy