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Shellie Arnold’s passion is helping marriages flourish. As a kid from a broken home, in her early teens, she decided she wasn’t going to marry. Then, as Shellie describes it, God “called” her to marriage to her high school sweetheart. Statistically, Shellie was the least-likely candidate for having a healthy marriage. Being a sexual abuse survivor, experiencing other trauma in her childhood, and being a child of divorce created unique, long-term challenges for her as a wife.

Consequently, she says her marriage of thirty-seven plus years is an “on-going miracle” that God continues every day. She believes Christians can learn to think strategically, work with God, and transform their marriages. After all, Jesus died to redeem every part of our lives. We can experience His redemption in every part of our marriages.

Shellie has three published novels: The Spindle Chair, Sticks and Stones, and Abide With Me (nominated for a Selah), all of which depict the “perfect storms” in marriage—what happens when a husband’s and wife’s weaknesses hit head-on, and they’re both left wondering if anything can be salvaged.


In February 2024, her first nonfiction book Joined by God: Unconventional Devotions for Christian Couples will be released. Shellie’s podcast Christian Marriage Uncensored will also launch in February 2024.

She has been featured on live and prerecorded media including radio programs, live-streamed YouTube content, and podcasts. She has written articles, Bible study/devotional curriculum for an 8,000+ member church, and contributed to several other nonfiction works. She has keynoted at women’s retreats and taught in the workshop, Sunday school class, and small group settings. She has edited fiction, memoir, and nonfiction. Shellie often serves as faculty at writers conferences. At the Florida Christian Writers Conference, she leads the popular Manuscript Critique Track, which allows writers to get feedback on their current work-in-progress.


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