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Shellie Arnold is an author, speaker, and teacher. She tells others she’s living proof God can redeem, heal, and restore anything. More than once, she’s experienced exactly that it in her life and in her marriage. Consequently, Shellie truly believes if both parties listen to God any marriage can be healed and thrive. She loves to share truth she’s learned the hard way and see that truth bless others.


A multi-published author, she has written articles, Bible study/devotional curriculum, and contributed to several nonfiction works. She has keynoted at women’s retreats and taught in workshop, Sunday school class, and small group settings. Shellie is a gifted speaker whose transparent communication style has been described as “… a velvet-covered brick. She slides in the truth, then hits you over the head with it.”


A homeschool mom of over twenty-two years, Shellie knows the unique challenges stay-at-home moms face. As a sexual abuse survivor, she understands the long-term effects trauma can have, even if one is a believer. She longs to encourage those with deep hurts that God is near and offers all they need to completely heal.


Shellie is available to speak at church events, women’s event, retreats, writers groups, homeschool groups, and other events. She teaches at writers conferences and homeschool events. She is comfortable with both inspirational and instructional formats. See below for some of her most popular topics.



Sample Speaking Topics for Shellie Arnold


Having Shellie as part of your event will bring heart and humor to your program, in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit. Shellie is available to speak at churches, retreats, and special events. Her primary audiences are Christian couples, Christian women, and homeschool families. Contact Shellie at for additional topics or to schedule your upcoming event. Some of her most popular topics are:


Break the Conflict Cycle: Every marriage has conflict. The question is whether you and your mate are closer to each other or farther apart after the conflict. In this teaching, Shellie explains how we can work with God to turn the biggest struggles in our marriages into winning strategies. With God’s help, the weaknesses in our relationships can become our greatest strengths. Short, 45 minutes. Extended, 1 ½ hours. Appropriate for couples.


Build Lasting Intimacy: In this program, Shellie uses teaching and exercises to lead couples through the blueprint God gives us for intimacy with Him and our mate. Utilizing Mark 12:30, the Greatest Commandment, we can recognize the strengths and weaknesses in our relationships. With God’s help, we can learn how to consistently strengthen our marriages. Short, 45 minutes. Extended, 1 ½ hours. Appropriate for couples.


The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Marriage: Every couple experiences moments they recognize are critical to the marriage relationship, yet they’re unsure exactly what to do. With scriptural insight and candor, Shellie shares a new spin on one of the most popular biblical passages regarding marriage, introducing audiences to a principle that always works, no matter the situation. About 1 - 1 ½ hours. Appropriate for couples.


Intimacy Barriers: God placed within us a deep desire for true intimacy with Him and with our mate. We want closeness without fear and unity with transparency. Yet, in one moment we can feel connected, while in the next we might see huge, unbridgeable distance, and we don’t always know why. With practical tips and scriptural insight, Shellie equips her listeners to spot these barriers, trace their origin, neutralize their negative influence, and establish a safe closeness never before experienced. About 1 ½ - 2 ½ hours. Appropriate for couples.


The Power of Submission: If there’s one biblical concept that’s been greatly misunderstood and can polarize an audience, it’s the subject of submission in marriage. Wait until you hear what Shellie has to say about the true meaning of submission and how it can revolutionize a marriage. With poignant examples and brutal honesty, Shellie shares a new perspective on submission that will strengthen any marriage and every individual’s spiritual walk. About 1 - 1 ½ hours. Appropriate for couples.


Sex: What was God Thinking? Does the phrase “naked and unashamed” sound like an oxymoron? With topics including the Art of Reciprocation, Appreciating God’s Design, and The Path to Passion, Shellie helps her listeners discover sex the way God intended, and gives them the tools to begin experiencing miraculous sexual closeness in marriage. Utilizes a workbook. About 3 - 3 ½ hours. Incorporates a “typically asked, difficult questions” segment. Appropriate for couples.


Rise to Freedom: God wants to heal every wounded heart. Quite often, emotional wounds we receive from others, in childhood and adulthood, create relationship challenges and leave us hurting even more. We want to be free of the pain, free of the results of that pain, even free of behavior we’re not proud of because of that pain—but we don’t know how to move forward. Shellie walks audiences through seven keys, straight from the mouth of Jesus to receive healing from the pain we carry because of other people’s actions. No matter how large or small the hurt, how new or old, Shellie proves that God has real relief for His children and shows how it can be received. Includes a workbook. Live opening worship and extra prayer support at closing from event sponsoring team strongly suggested. About 3 - 3 ½ hours in length, including worship, seminar, and concluding prayer time. Appropriate for couples, singles, and women’s groups.


God is More: What happens when the only thing left to offer God is your attitude? Hear Shellie’s intriguing testimony. Stricken with mysterious neurological symptoms after an anaphylactic reaction, Shellie experienced a progression that left her virtually paralyzed on her right side. Hear how God helped her face challenges in her family, faith, and body. You’ll be encouraged as Shellie shares her struggles during that time, what God taught her about faith, and the greatest miracle of all. Short, 20 minutes. Extended, 45 minutes. Appropriate for couples, singles, and women’s groups.


A New Well. Grief, tragedy, pain, and trauma can test our faith. Shellie knows the discouragement of feeling forgotten by God. Of wondering if He’s not paying attention and the Bible is true for everyone else. In this teaching, Shellie delves into three Scriptures that confused her for many years, as they seemed to contradict her life circumstances. She shares how during her most painful season God opened her eyes to the truths within each. You will be comforted as you learn to see proof that God’s provision is endless and specific to you. Short, 30 minutes. Extended, 1 hour 15 minutes. Appropriate for couples, singles, and women’s groups.


No Angel Came to Help Me (On Homeschooling): Do the endless assignments and deadlines of homeschooling leave you feeling completely overwhelmed? Shellie knows the frustration and discouragement of seemingly endless assignments, and the heavy burden of responsibility the homeschool parent faces every day. With humor and transparency, she shares several perspectives God gave her during her busiest years. Perspectives that relieved some of her burdens and enabled her to continue her journey.

Short, 30 minutes. Extended, 1 ¼ hours. Appropriate for homeschool parents.


A Long-Term Vision: Has homeschooling left you feeling like a failure? Shellie has over twenty-two years of experience as a homeschool mom. While God made clear that was His plan, for many years, Shellie begged God to let her stop. Hear how God finally revealed to Shellie the reasons behind His call to homeschool, and the peace she found during the most painful season she’s ever faced as a parent. Short, 30 minutes. Extended 1 hour. Appropriate for homeschool parents.   

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