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You might be thinking Shellie, what is The Big Four?

I’m glad you asked. The Big Four Strategies are four powerful steps you can use today to begin setting your marriage on the right track. I’ll be honest. When God first started showing me these strategies, I didn’t see the connections to the issues I was facing in my marriage. I didn’t understand that much of my discontent and struggle were because I was approaching problems from the wrong perspective and in the wrong way, even though I was using techniques I thought I could trust, because many came from so-called experts.

These four strategies are simple, but powerful. They come straight from Scripture, not a system I created. They are literally the method God is using to transform me (and therefore, my marriage) by renewing my mind. By teaching me to think and behave differently.

The cool thing is, you can implement these strategies even if your spouse isn’t interested or won’t. You can use them immediately, no matter the condition of your marriage.

Is your marriage pretty strong? Good for you. These methods will only make it better.

Does your marriage have some rocky places? Spaces of complete disconnect? Areas where the ground is full of landmines, and if you take one wrong step, you already know the explosion that will take place (and how long it will take to clean up the mess)? That was the condition of much of my marriage for decades.

But those years weren’t wasted. God was working in me, working in my husband, and the truth found in The Big Four Strategies are what God used to help us overcome crazy bad habits, weaknesses, ignorance, sin, you name it.

I know this FREE resource will bless you!


Wondering how to build, protect, or repair your marriage?
Start with The Big Four Strategies today.

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