Out of her passion to help marriages flourish, Shellie founded Your Marriage resources. YMR is built around one recurring theme: Jesus died to redeem every part of your life. Experience His redemption in every part of your marriage.  YMR products provide practical, immediately actional tips and principles to help others achieve greater intimacy in every facet of their marriage. They are designed to help husbands and wives begin, protect, restructure, and re-energize their relationship by utilizing timely, targeted, Bible-based wisdom in their everyday lives. Your Marriage resources will release its first devotional for wives in early 2021, with a second devotional quickly following. Other products are in production including online seminars and courses.

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BREAK the CONFLICT CYCLE: Turn Every Struggle into a Winning Strategy

                 (Online course or DVD seminar)


                                                                                       Would you like to end the conflict in your marriage? Never again have that

                                                                                       disagreement—you know the one—or at least know what to do about that conflict?

                                                                                       Would you like to learn how to enjoy and preserve companionship and intimacy        

                                                                                       despite conflict? In the BREAK the CONFLICT CYCLE: Turn Every Struggle into a

                                                                                       Winning Strategy seminar, you will learn:


                                                                                            - What brings conflict

                                                                                            -  What’s really happening when conflict comes

                                                                                            - Why conflict can actually benefit your marriage

                                                                                            - How to use conflict to benefit your marriage

     -  What to do when a particular conflict reoccur

                                                             -   How to replace conflict with new habits



Your marriage doesn’t have to be dominated or blind-sided by conflict. Break the Conflict Cycle and experience a closer marriage than ever before.




"Your (Shellie's) explanation of where conflict comes from makes perfect sense in light of scripture. Recently, this new perspective helped me avoid a conflict with my wife. I'm pretty happy about that." -- J.C.


BUILD LASTING INTIMACY: The Levels of Intimacy and How to Make them Work for You

                            (Online course or DVD seminar)


                                                                                       Do you long for greater intimacy in your marriage? Do you sometimes have trouble

                                                                                       connecting with your mate and can’t figure out why? Do you wish there was a way to

                                                                                       connect and stay connected? In the BUILD LASTING INTIMACY: The Levels of 

                                                                                        Intimacy and How to Make them Work for You seminar, I share:

                                                                                        - The Four Levels of Intimacy

                                                                                        - How these levels interact

                                                                                        - How to recognize when you’ve sabotaged

                                                                                            the intimacy in your marriage

                                                                                        -  What happens when a level of intimacy

                                                                                            is neglected

                                                                                        -  How to identify your strongest levels

                                                                                            of intimacy

                                                                                        -  How to use your strengths to shore up your weak areas



You don’t have to live in a stale, distant marriage. Build Lasting Intimacy and enjoy staying connected to your mate.





"Shellie's teaching on how intimacy in marriage works is like none I've heard before. I wish I'd known about this when I married decades ago." --K.H.

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INTIMACY BARRIERS: Identify and Conquer Love-Killing Behaviors

                     (Online course or DVD seminar)


                                                                                        Do you wish you had better control of your reactions in and out of conflict? Do you

                                                                                        wonder why you behave in a way that damages your marriage, but can’t figure

                                                                                        out how to stop? Do you wish you could reach for your mate, let him or her into your

                                                                                        deepest heart but don’t know how? In INTIMACY BARRIERS: Identify and Conquer

                                                                                        Love-Killing Behaviors I will teach you:


                                                                                         - What is an Intimacy Barrier

                                                                                         - What are the four main Intimacy


                                                            - How to identify an Intimacy Barrier

                                                            - How to trace the origination of an

                                                                                             Intimacy Barrier

                                                            - How to confront an Intimacy Barrier

                                                            - How to eliminate an Intimacy Barrier


Don’t let your marriage suffer from Intimacy Barriers. Equip yourself to change and grow, and reap the benefits everyday.




"I'd never realized how many barrriers to intimacy there were between me and my husband. This teaching

changed how I see my husband and my marriage." --L.C.





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RISE  to FREEDOM : Be Restored, Be Renewed & Live Whole

(Online course or DVD seminar)



                                                                                          Did someone hurt you? Do painful experiences from your past have a hold on your life

                                                                                          today? Do you suffer inside, still hurting over what happened to you months, years, or

                                                                                          decades ago? Are you frustrated you can’t “get over it,” “move on,” and “leave your

                                                                                          past behind?” RISE  to FREEDOM : Be Restored, Be Renewed & Live Whole is the

                                                                                          answer to finally dealing with your real and deepest hurt, and stepping toward your

                                                                                          future with joy and peace. In this extended seminar, I walk you through completing a

                                                                                          healing process specifically tailored to your hurt. I guide you through:


                                                                                                   - The jobs of the Holy Spirit

                                                                                                   - Working with the Holy Spirit

                                                                                                      throughout your emotional healing

                                                                                                    - Developing a new perspective of your


                                                                                                    - Identifying the four parts of you that

                                                                                                      need healing

                                                                                                    - How the four parts of you interact,

                                                                                                       and how to compensate for a weak area

                                                                                                    - What giving forgiveness really means and how to really do it (without lying)

                                                                   - What to do while you’re working through healing

                                                                   - What to do if the pain hangs on

                                                                   - What to do if you get stuck on the path to healing

                                                                   - How to know when you’re healed

                                                                   - Developing your new identity


Don’t stay bound by past hurts, painful experiences, or trauma. RISE  to FREEDOM and live a fulfilled, restored life.



"I was stuck. I knew God was healing me from hurts, but I didn't know what to do next.

Your teaching helped me get unstuck." --Anonymous

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