Teachings & Talks

Offered for women’s groups, marriage retreats, conferences, or other events:


On Christian Living:

God is More –  What happens when the only thing left to offer God is your attitude?

Hear Shellie’s intriguing testimony. Stricken with a mysterious neurological illness after an anaphylactic reaction, Shellie experienced many progressive and eventually debilitating symptoms that left her virtually paralyzed on one side. Hear how God helped her face challenges in her family, faith, and body. You will be encouraged as Shellie shares her struggles during that time, what God taught her about faith, and the greatest miracle of all.

Duration: (short) 35 minutes to (extended) 1 hour 15 minutes.


A New Well – Has grief, tragedy, or trauma tested your faith?

Shellie knows the discouragement of feeling forgotten by God. Of wondering if He’s not paying attention and the Bible is true for everyone else. In this teaching, Shellie delves into three scriptures that confused her for many years—as they seemed to contradict her life circumstances—and shares how during her most painful season God opened her eyes to the truths within each. You will be comforted as you learn to see proof that God’s provisions are endless and limitless.

Duration: (short) 35 minutes to (extended) 1 hour 15 minutes.


On Home Schooling:

No Angel Came to Help Me: Three Things I Wish I'd known About Being A Home School Mom Do the endless assignments and deadlines of home schooling leave you feeling completely overwhelmed? Shellie knows the frustration and discouragement of seemingly endless days of assignments, and the heavy burden of responsibility the home school mom faces every day. With humor and transparency, she shares several perspectives God gave her during her busiest years. Perspectives that relieved some of her burdens and enabled her to continue her home schooling journey.

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes.


A Long-Term Vision –Has home schooling left you feeling like a failure?

Shellie has over twenty years of experience as a home school mom—but that wasn’t her plan. God dragged her kicking and screaming into home schooling. For many years, Shellie begged God to let her stop, yet God’s mandate she continue was clear. Hear how God finally revealed to Shellie the reasons behind His call to home school, and the peace she found during the most painful season she’s ever faced as a parent. 

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes.


On Marriage:

The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Marriage Need a bottom line? A final answer for the million dollar “how-to” marriage questions?

Shellie has a new spin on one of the most popular biblical passages regarding marriage. With scriptural insight and candor, Shellie will introduce you to a principle that always works, no matter the situation.

Duration: (short) 45 minutes to (extended) 1 ½ hours.


The Power of Submission – Does the term submission set your teeth on edge, cause your eyes and stomach to roll?

Wait until you hear what Shellie has to say about the true meaning of submission and how it can revolutionize your spiritual and marital life. With poignant examples and brutal honesty, Shellie shares a new perspective on submission that will strengthen any marriage and spiritual walk.

Duration: (short) 45 minutes to (extended) 1 ½ hours.


*Seminars can be restructured and/or combined to fill several sessions for a conference or retreat.