Ever wish you could run a scene or chapter by someone who has fresh eyes, can identify problems, and help you fix them?


I love giving one-on-one critique and helping others perfect their craft. If you’re a new writer I can help you discover your strengths and weaknesses, identify what (if anything) is missing, write tight, write specific, and infuse your work with emotion.


If you’re a more accomplished writer, we can zero in on your areas of struggle and work together to fix your scene or chapter, all while preserving your voice.


How this works: I will pre-read, and mark accordingly, up to 2000 words of your work in progress. Then, we’ll meet online for one hour of concentrated critique.


Rate: $50 payable by check or via Paypal prior to scheduling our appointment

Who can benefit from this service: Any novel writer

* Prior to purchasing this product contact Shellie at: shellie@shelliearnold.com for scheduling and availability


One-On-One CRITIQUE (Fiction)