Shellie's novels depict the "perfect storms" in marriage - what happens when our weaknesses hit head-on, and we're both left wondering if anything can be salvaged.
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The Barn Church series


In southern Alabama sits a friendly, almost frozen-in-time town called Rowe City. There some thirty years ago, Daniel and Kay Crane—both school teachers—founded Rowe City Gospel Church. Folks often call it “The Barn Church,” because it is indeed a renovated barn. Within the congregation are many couples, and each marriage has a story. The Barn Church series is their stories.


Book One: The Spindle Chair


Laurie Crane is happily married. And she is usually able to overlook her husband's moments of quiet sadness. If only God would give them a child ...

Pierce wants a child as badly as Laurie and has spent years praying alongside her. But he has no idea that a "yes" from God will unearth long-buried memories and bring their marriage to the brink of catastrophe.

In The Barn Church series' first novel, The Spindle Chair , Shellie Arnold explores what happens when "happily ever after" becomes more than one couple can handle.


What happens when the miracle God gives you threatens to destroy your marriage?

Book Two: Sticks and Stones


Since childhood, Julie Matthews has felt closest to God when singing. Mere days away from realizing her lifelong dream of singing professionally, she awakens in a hospital room unable to speak. Suddenly her dreams and God seem distant.

Rick Matthews supports his ambitious wife, but has no solution for the constant tension between them. During Julie's recovery, Rick becomes Julie's caregiver and their marriage undergoes a wonderful change--they rediscover each other.

But as Julie's voice grows stronger, unseen wounds surface and years of unhealthy habits begin again to pull them apart. Faced with losing their newly rekindled love, Julie and Rick are forced to evaluate the state of their marriage and how their dysfunction has affected their children.


Sticks and Stones may break bones, but words can crush the spirit.

​​Book Three: Abide With Me


After ten years of marriage to the only man she’s ever loved, why is she so unhappy?

As a wealthy yet lonely wife, Angelina Rousseau pours all her emotions into her paintings. She’s so desperate for affection and attention, she finds herself willing to do almost anything to feel loved.

Her husband Nick is determined to provide everything Angie could possibly want, including finally giving her what she’s asked for most—time with him. When what seems to be the perfect investment turns sour, he’s arrested for real estate fraud and learns being accused of multiple felonies is the least of his worries.  

As has been the case throughout their marriage, Nick’s choices negatively affect Angelina. This time she’s forced to part with cherished possessions to protect her future and finance his defense. When Angelina’s carefully built walls begin to crumble, both husband and wife must examine their emotionally bankrupt marriage. Still, discovering what went wrong might not be enough to keep Nick from spending the rest of his life in prison.

Did "having it all" cost this couple more than they ever imagined?